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  •  WP1 Functional Design and End-user Evaluation

 Analysis and definition of use cases and user needs, derivation of functional and technical requirements as well as preparation, execution of user studies and data analysis.

  • WP2 Palpation Modality Design and Control

Development of physical components of the palpation interface with corresponding control strategies and augmented reality interface.

  • WP3 Perception and Context-Aware Robot Control

 Visual, haptic and physiological data processing for localising the patient relative to the environment and development of hierarchical control strategies.

  • WP4 System Development, Safety and Integration

 System development, safety analysis and integration of hardware and software components.

  • WP5 Dissemination and Exploitation, Scientific and Technical Management
  • WP6 Management

 WP and Pert

Figure: ReMeDi Workpackages and their interconnection

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